What is the Sharecare App?

Erik Feingold
The Sharecare App is a lifestyle solution that translates your daily events (e.g. stress, sleep, relationships, activity) into into insights that you can use to better your health and well-being. It actually is only the “tip of the spear” for a much larger platform we call Living in the Green. Living in the Green is both a philosophy and a technology for better living. It analyzes the events in a user’s life in order to help you find patterns and, ultimately, lead to a healthier, happier life. The app that you can now download from the Google Play Store for Android devices includes your daily Living in the Green status as well as the acclaimed RealAge Test to check your biological age. It also provides you with insights such as your most stressful days in any given week, and your top influencers. You’ll gain even more insights as you continue to use the app. 

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