How does the Sharecare App’s voice analysis work?

Erik Feingold
The technology looks for stress-patterns in your voice while you speak on the phone. These so-called fractal patterns are associated with certain brain signals. Then, all that information is analyzed and organized into six types of stress: nervousness, discomfort, anxiety, worry, irritation and impatience, across five intensities ranging from calm, productive, uneasy, intense to very intense. The technology also identifies our responses to stress, known as the tendencies to “fight, flight or freeze.” They depend on the situation and on personality.
The stress intensity is presented on the following scale: 
  • CALM: Dark green. The absence of elevated stress. You are Living in the Green.
  • PRODUCTIVE: Light green. You are engaged.
  • UNEASY: Yellow. Your stress levels have moved into an uncomfortable level.
  • INTENSE: Orange. You are clearly stressed.
  • VERY INTENSE: Red. You are deep in the Danger Zone! Time spent in this level is extremely uncomfortable and should not persist over extended periods of time.

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