How will a resistance training program differ for men and women?

Resistance training programs do not necessarily have to be different for men and women. The training program will change only depending on the goal. If both a man and woman are new to exercise and seeking weight loss, then they will begin a resistance training program consisting of intensities between 50%-70% of their 1 repetition maximum. They will perform 1 to 2 sets of 12 to 20 repetitions on 2 to 4 days per week. They should accompany this with cardio that sustains a heart rate of 65%-75% of their estimated maximum heart rate. However, if a man wants to increase muscle size and a female wants to lose weight, then the resistance training program should be adjusted for each. The man needs to increase intensity and volume in order to achieve his desired result. The woman should continue with a lower intenisity and higher repetition workout to increase the amount of calories burned. Many women do not seek a goal of gaining muscle mass, so it is common for them to want to avoid resistance training. It is important to understand that resistance training alone will not increase muscle mass. Women do not produce the necessary amount of the hormone needed to drastically increase muscle size (testosterone). For this reason, resistance training will not produce the exact same results for both genders. To increase muscle size, it will typically take a woman much longer than it will take a man to produce the desired result. In addition, muscle size increase will be limited for women. However, both women and men need to put the stress of resistance training and cardio on their body to help improve health and appearance.

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