What strength training exercise will help my kicking?

Bridging with one leg extensions will really help with kicking strength and stamina. Bridging works the core, the low back, the glutes and the hamstrings, which all power the swim kick. To perform the activity, lie with your back flat on the ground and then plant your feet on the ground, hip width apart and pointed straight. Your arms can be extended out to your side, palms up to avoid pressing into the ground. Lift your hips up so you have a ninety degree bend in your knees. Keep the weight in your heels as you lift your hips up. Try to keep your abs engaged and your trunk in one straight line. Avoid dropping your hips or arching your back. The weight should be in your shoulders, not on your neck, and in your heels. To add challenge to the exercise lift one leg off the floor extending the knee. Lift and lower the leg that is off of the floor eight times slowly. Place the extended leg on the ground and repeat with the other leg. Perform three sets of eight reps each side, lifting and lowering a leg. When you return both legs to the ground, make sure that the hips are not sinking. It is okay to bring the hips to the ground between sets for a quick rest. Proper form and alignment is more important than the number of reps and sets you are able to do. You will build strength and stamina through repetition, and your swim kick will get stronger and faster!

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