As a retired athlete, how can I include sports in my life?

Once you step away from the court or the field it can create a profound sense of loss or a crisis of identity. You can still be involved in sports. Join a rec league and continue to play at a much more leisurely level, or pick up a new sport you’ve always wanted to try. If participation of any kind is not possible keep yourself involved by volunteering or coaching youth athletes in your sport or at higher levels.  This will keep you connected to the sport you love and help pass it on to the next generation.
After retiring from a sport, especially if it was your profession, can leave one dealing with a sense of loss. With the right outlook it can be a great opportunity to apply time, energy and passion towards sporting activities that you may not have had time for while you were competing. So many retired athletes take up golf and really apply their drive and competitive spirit towards their new goal. If your more into the outdoors, mountain biking, kayaking and hiking are all great activities. This could be a great time in your life to set a fitness goal of competing in a triathlon. There are so many sporting activities that fulfill that need to compete and stay athletic. This is truly an opportunity for you to experience new things and embrace a new sense of freedom.

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