How do I prevent irritation in the front part of my shoulder when I bench?

Consult a physician or another qualified medical professional to make sure you have not injured any of the ligaments, tendons or soft tissue of the shoulder area. Irritations and soreness in a joint is often caused by muscular imbalances. Power lifters are especially prone to shoulder problems because they spend so much time developing the anterior muscles of the chest, anterior deltoids and triceps. To alleviate this you must stretch and loosen the chest and triceps muscles, and strengthen the rear deltoids, lats, and muscles that stabilize the scapula, the rhomboids and trapezius. Stretch the pecs and triceps by foam rolling them for 30-60 seconds, and then stretch them with static stretched also held for 30-60 seconds. Strengthen the back by performing exercises which activate and engage the lats, like lat pulldown, and activate the scapular stabilizers like bent over, machine row, and dumbbell row. Strengthen the rotator cuff muscles by using tubing to perform external and internal rotation of the upper arm. Use light weight and perform 3 sets of 15 with for rotator cuff exercises. For Back exercises your goal is to become as strong as possible, start with low weight and 15-20 reps, and then gradually build to similar repetition and weight ranges for pulling exercises as you do for pushing. To maintain a healthy shoulder, your back should be as strong as your chest.

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