How much energy is too much energy for competition?

In the inverted-U theory there is a relationship between arousal states and performance. At low arousal levels performance will be low; the athlete is not psyched up. As arousal increases so does performance up to a point of optimal performance. Further increases in arousal cause performance to decline. The inverted-U reflects high performance with an optimal level of arousal and lesser performance with either low or very high arousal. In a state of high arousal there are several problems associated: muscle tension, fatigue, coordination difficulties, changes in attitude, and concentration. There are several tools that can be helpful to get you psyched down for training and performance and three of the best are: progressive relaxation, imagery and deep breathing. Progressive relaxation means progressively going through your body and relaxing your muscles. Deep breathing helps take the focus off anything negative and also relaxes your mind and your muscles. Imagery relates to processes to produce an internalized experience that will support or enhance training or competition. Imagery allows the athlete to focus on something positive and something specific to the sport.

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