How do I psych myself up?

Getting psyched up really depends on the individual but several things that work for many people include listening to music, deep breathing, a warm up, positive visualization, etc. Getting psyched up is preparing the body for action. Most people can't act or compete cold and need to get the body and mind warm.

I consider psyche to also be called motivation. If you are motivated you can generally go into the gym and get through any workout. When you have a goal in mind, when you believe in the goal and you are very clear about where you are going then it is very easy to do the tough stuff even when you don't feel like it.

So how does one become motivated?

Urgency in my opinion is the best way. If you are preparing for something like a half-marathon, warrior dash, sporting event, wedding, beach season, you name it; when there is urgency motivation is increased the ability to psyche yourself up for workouts.

Some people are motivated highly all the time but most are not. Most people need events to be motivated because they create urgency. One of the biggest reasons why the Biggest Loser is so successful is because of the urgency and competition that is involved. Take away the competition and the national attention and the urgency is taken away.

Most people want to lose weight but can find excuses not to go to the gym, eat well you name it if there is no pressure. Look for events, get involved in sports, run a 5k, compete, do something to increase the urgency, align yourself with a good coach and the ability to continually psyche yourself up for workouts increase greatly.

Inspiration, Motivation, Knowing where you are right now from a health standpoint -- an honest look at yourself and where you want to be, and knowing the REASON for wanting to make changes. For example: "I want to be a good example for my children and have my health to enjoy them for as long as I can."
In the inverted-U theory, there is a relationship between arousal states and performance. At low arousal levels performance will be low; the athlete is not psyched up. As arousal increases so does performance up to a point of optimal performance. Further increases in arousal cause performance to decline. The inverted-U reflects high performance with an optimal level of arousal and lesser performance with either low or very high arousal. There are several tools that can be helpful to get you psyched up for performance: your favorite music and some positive key words are just a few. Although it's important to find the right level of energy for training or competition, psyching up strategies should be used cautiously so that the athlete does not get over aroused and then is unable to perform.

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