How many days a week should I do cardio in-season for lacrosse?

In-season cardiovascular training for lacrosse is based on how many games you are playing during the week and the intensity of the game.  This can change based on your position and the score of the game.  The general rule is that you should perform two high-intensity cardiovascular training days per week.  If you are playing two games per week with a lot of minutes, you should have enough high-intensity work to maintain cardio strength.  If not, you may need to supplement with some high-intensity intervals for no more than ten to fifteen minutes once a week.  The most important cardio days for players who get a lot of minutes of playing time are the recovery days after a game, working at a low intensity on either a bike, elliptical or even in the pool.  If you are not playing a lot of minutes in the game you, will need to do some additional high-intensity intervals several times a week for ten to fifteen minutes to maintain your cardiovascular strength. Your anaerobic threshold and endurance training should be maintained by normal practice time.

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