What are the benefits of part-time diets?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine
It's a dieter's dream: you don't have to restrict calories or carbs every day to see results! Eat fewer carbs and calories just a few days a week and you'll lose weight -- and keep it off. Fantasy? No. It's reality. Part-time weight-loss plans deliver real results and may even lower breast cancer risk.
  • Part-time diets take time. Don't expect to lose 5 pounds in a week. You don't want to anyway! Slow, steady weight loss is more likely to be permanent. A healthy diet-two-days-a-week plan that cuts out extra carbs, such as the added sugars, syrups and refined grains that don't do your body any favors, can help you lose a little more weight over four to six months (about a pound a week) than following a low-calorie diet for the same length of time.
  • Part-time diets work -- if you're disciplined. One of the part-time diets that have been studied limited carbohydrates to 40 grams a day, two days a week, and let dieters choose the healthy foods they love best the other five days of the week. That's not a license to order the triple cheeseburger and biggie fries. It's an opportunity to practice lifelong healthy eating habits during your diet.
  • Part-time diets keep hunger in check. Eating fewer carbohydrates helps to keep your blood sugar on a more even keel, getting past the rollercoaster spikes and dips that lead to between-meal cravings.
  • Part-time diets pack a health bonus. Done right, this way of eating can lower your risk for diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer. How? Eating fewer carbohydrates two days a week makes your muscle cells become more sensitive to insulin, the traffic cop that tells cells to open up and let in the sugar from your bloodstream.

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