Is it beneficial to use cardio equipment for soccer training?

Cardio equipment can be beneficial for soccer players. Because of the constant demands on the legs while playing soccer, your joints will need time to rest. To continue to work on the your cardiovascular system while your joints recover, you can use cardiovasculr equipment to supplement some of your conditioning.  When using cardio equipment, look for equipment with low impact like ellipticals or bikes. This allows you to work the cardiovascular system without stressing the legs, and as long as you are using it to supplement some of your running, it will not negatively effect your running endurance. Ultimately, it will improve your overall endurance. You can also use cardio equipment to help tap into the high-intensity anaerobic sytstems. Because you can control the workload (speed, incline, watts, level) on a cardio machine, you can perform high-intensity intervals and use the workload to gauge improvement much like using pounds during weight training.

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