How can I clean a burn wound?

In general, burn wounds should be cleaned using sterile saline or water. Your physician may or may not want you to do so, depending on the type and size of the burn. It is a good idea to first be assessed by a medical professional.

The best way to clean a burn wound is to place the burned area under cool running water. The cool water will help with the burn, and the running water will help wash away debris. If you need further medical assistance for the burn, just cover it loosely with a clean dressing while you get to a doctor.

Wash your hands before cleaning a burn. Do not touch the burn with your hands or anything dirty, because open blisters can easily be infected.

Do not break the blisters.

Clean the burn area with mild soap and water. Some of the burned skin might come off with washing.

Apply an antibiotic ointment. Do not put sprays or butter on burns, because this traps the heat inside the burn.

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