Is there a core drill I can do at home to improve my skating?

Core drills and exercises are extremely important to skating since they are the foundation of all movement. They can improve stabilization, posture, strength, power, endurance, and movement efficiency. Core exercises should follow a system and be progressed at an appropriate time and level. There are three levels in core training. They are stability, strength, and power. Core stability exercises are designed with little motion at the spine or pelvis. Core strength exercises have more motion at the spine and greater eccentric and concentric movements. Core power exercises prepare the body for force production at functional speeds. An example of a core stability exercise that can be done at home is a plank, or prone iso-ab. To perform this exercise, begin laying face down with the feet hip-width apart and forearms on the ground. With abdominals and gluteals tight, lift the body off the ground forming a straight line from head to heels. The body weight is held between the toes and forearms. Hold for up to five seconds and repeat. Ensure that the lower back does not collapse and the head and neck area do not crane forward or droop downwards. A one to two second hold may be more appropriate for beginners. Technique should always come before quantity when performing any exercise, and modifications should be made if holding form during the movement is not possible. One modification to the plank described above is to hold a push-up position with your hands on a bench.

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