Will my body ever get back to normal after I quit smoking?

Dr. Michael Roizen, MD
Internal Medicine

Your body will begin to sense that you have quit and have cravings that are ameliorated by the nicotine patches and the anti-craving pill, your support and your exercise immediately, and after day 5 it will get progressively easier.  Your body will recover much of the psychological craving, that is, it will stop doing the cravings by 1 to 2 months after you have quit, and then it will be time to taper the pill and the patch.  Six months later you will get rid of those cravings and the pills and patches.  Your immune system will start to recover in 15 days and will get close to normal by 3 months, and your arteries will begin to have normal inner lining cells, that is the endothelial cells, by 3 months.  You will start to repair the damage and by 5 years after you quit your body will have recovered more than 90% of the damage that is done, and it will feel, act, and be normal thereafter.

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