What conditions release shadow energies?

Deepak Chopra
Alternative & Complementary Medicine
Evil exists in everyone as a shadow, for the very reason that the world is in everyone. Being raised as a good person is a counter to the shadow of evil, of course, and if we return to our list of shaping forces on consciousness, each person would exhibit a different map of influences. But if you are fortunate enough to have made choices on the good side of the equation, you must still acknowledge that the shadow exists in you somewhere.

The following conditions release shadow energies:
  • Removing a sense of responsibility
  • Anonymity
  • Dehumanizing environments
  • Peer examples of bad behavior
  • Passive bystanders
  • Rigid levels of power
  • Prevailing chaos and disorder
  • Lack of meaning
  • Implicit permission to do harm
  • "Us-versus-them" mentality
  • Isolation
  • Lack of accountability
Given the right circumstances, everyone's shadow energy will emerge.
William Stillman
Health Education

So-called "shadow" or negative, earthbound energies are not so much “released” as they are attracted by low-level, negative thoughts, emotions, and deeds. They feed from chaos and destruction generated by those with addictions and vices, mental illness, and those who struggle with rage, revenge, abuse, jealousy, and so on. (If they fed from higher-vibration energies, they wouldn’t be here!) They prey upon the weak, the faithless, and the vulnerable in order to create a spiritual assault.

The longer the spiritual assault goes disregarded, unaddressed, or chalked up to imagination, the more opportunity is given to the shadow energies to take root and set up shop in your living environment—and in your psyche. When this occurs, you may feel your thoughts increasingly intruded upon, or you may find yourself thinking more and more negative or harmful thoughts. Eventually, this negative energy will begin spilling over into “real time”  in your household through sleep disturbances, the unseen manipulation of electricity, an increase in the anxiety of pets (especially dogs), and the terrorizing of children.

Under such conditions, some people seek to have their home blessed in a religious ritual. While I would never discourage this, it usually doesn’t “take.” The reason for this is that the person conducting the ceremony is not emotionally invested in your family. The antidote of illuminating every corner of your person, your household, and those around you with love, truth, virtue, and altruism, must come from you. Total commitment is required; this is not a once-and-done thing but a reversal in lifestyle to be implemented on a daily basis. When positive energy compensates for negative energy, the “shadows” will move on.

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