Are personal trainers able to help me with my strength and cardio programs?

Yes. With the proper assessments, certified personal trainers are fully capable of creating individualized strength and cardiovascular programs. Basic assessments for your posture, functional movement patterns, and cardiorespiratory fitness will provide the personal trainer with a snapshot of your current fitness level. The results will direct the professional as they design your workout program and also serve as a baseline for future progress measurements. Some certified personal trainers also have advanced specializations that enable them to modify basic strength and cardio programs to suit almost any individual. Seeking a personal trainer with an advanced specialization such as corrective exercise or performance enhancement is recommended for anyone with special needs beyond the common goals of losing weight and general fitness.

That's a big yes.  Personal trainers are able to create, adjust and modify any strength and cardio program you may have. That is the primary job of a personal trainer.

We as personal fitness trainers on Sharecare can help one with strength and cardio programs by putting together a program that will focus on specific individual goals. A strength and cardio program that is individualized will increase the probability of achieving desired results.  

Yes. A personal trainer is able to help you with your strength and cardio programs. Depending on what your goals are, your personal trainer will have several variations for both to keep your body progressing and not finding that plateau. It will also help to keep from getting bored with the same routine you have been doing. A personal trainer will be able to help you set reasonable goals and your program will be able to reflect that.

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