How do I know my telephone coach is being effective?

A good measure of effective telephone coaching is results. You should experience results and these results should be measurable. After several sessions, take some time to think about whether or not this type of coaching is working for you. Also, do not be afraid to voice your concerns. A good telephone coach is supportive, engaging, and non-judgmental. Telephone coaching should help you find the path the best suits you achieving the results in which your are most interested.

Sometimes a coach and client are not a good fit for each other.  A good question to ask yourself would be "Is my coach "coaching me" or are they giving me advice.  Is my coach focused on my agenda or does the coach have their own agenda. Another great question would be "am I doing the homework to achieve my goals" and "is my coach holding me accountable" and "am I holding myself accountable".   Coaching is about open communication.  The coach creates a safe "anabolic" environment, where positive energy flows freely.  The coaching sessions should inspire and allow the client to "see the possibilities".   All of these qualities will tell you "my telephone coach is a great fit for me.  I'm setting goals and the sessions are inspiring me to achieve my goals."  Remember -- Bottom line the coach is the guide, your support team, ultimately the client has the answers within themselves. 

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