Are all personal trainers the same?

No. All personal trainers are not the same. There are a variety of personal training certifications available but only a few that are accredited. You will want to look for a personal trainer with an accredited certification. The National Academy of Sports Medicine has the largest and most respected network of personal trainer in the fitness industry that are trained to deliver the Optimum Performance Training (OPT) model. The OPT model is the only evidence-based training system in the industry that has been lab-tested and proven in the field for over 15 years.  It allows people of all abilities with various goals to achieve results second to none.


Personal trainers can also be differentiated by their areas of expertise in their specialties depending on their continuing education and advanced training they have completed. The length of time they have been in the industry, their experience of the variety of clients they have worked with as well can also differentiate personal trainers from one another.  When trying to identify someone for yourself I suggest you look for an NASM or Sharecare trainer who has training and experience in the areas that are specific to your goal. This will allow you to maximize on your experience and ultimately get the results you are looking for.

No; it is important to recognize that not all personal trainers are certified and that some have more experience than others. In addition, some certified personal trainers are specialized in areas such as youth training, group exercise, or sports performance training. When you consider hiring a personal trainer, be sure to ask about the trainer's qualifications. Inquire about their education, certifications, and experience. Make sure that the trainer's certification is from an accredited institution. This means that the certification has passed a strict, third-party approval process. To find a qualified professional, ask your friends and family for a referral. Also, consider meeting with a trainer from your local gym. Ultimately, you should hire a personal trainer who is certified, knowledgeable in training clients such as yourself, and with whom you feel comfortable spending a lot of time.

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Absolutely not. Use a trainer that is certified from an accredited fitness organization like the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). In addition to this, some trainers will have more education, experience and specialties than others. For example, a trainer may have a college degree and specialize in helping clients with specific needs such as weight loss, pregnancy or athletic performance. A trainer that specializes in certain areas that match your area of focus are likely to provide better results than another trainer who claims to be able to work with any human under the sun. Be sure also to ask around and talk to others regarding their experience working with a particular trainer that you’re interested in hiring.
Not all personal trainers are the same.  There can be many levels in which a personal can expand their education.  These days there are so many certifications out their that people can become a personal trainer in as little as 3 months.  Now a select have actually have a background in the field itself.  Some trainers actually have a degree in either Exercise Science or Exercise Physiology.  If you are looking for a personal trainer look for education.  Questions to ask is did they go to school for this, are they certified, did they have any specializations and lastly testimonials of past clients.  A good trainer is one who is always continuing to educate themselves on current topics to stay infomed of changing trends.  There are many trainers out there that are great and of course some not so great.  So it is always good to check out your trainer first before hiring them to make sure they are going to be a good fit for you and your goals. 

Not at all!! We are not the same in the training that we have. We are not the same in the way that we train clients. We can't all be the same because people have different goals. If we were all the same then we would all be robots.

As personal trainers we conform to the needs of the client. We are trained to design programs that fit the needs and goals of the client. Without clients we don’t have jobs.

Personal trainers are not all the same. There are personal trainers who are certified and some who are not certified. Personal trainers may also have areas of specialty training such as in weight loss, weight gain, sports specific, corrective exercise, and many others. The best preference would be to work with a personal trainer who is certified through a reputable organization, carry their own liability insurance and is versatile in the assessment and training of their clients (in other words, a trainer who doesn’t practice a “one-size-fits-all” type of training).

Interview your trainer before making a commitment to have them train with you. Are they able to verbalize (and demonstrate, if necessary) how they will personalize their services to suit YOUR needs? Do they appear attentive to you with their body language and present themselves as a professional? Are they in good physical shape (do they practice what they preach)? Do they arrive on time to meet with you?

Do your research when selecting a personal trainer and the facility in which the training will be implemented. Know what you personally want to achieve, and select the trainer who is best suited to assist you in reaching your wellness goals.

That is like asking if all teachers/lawyers/doctors are the same. Not all trainers are the same. They may have the same accreditation, or the same uniform, but trainer personality is where individuality comes into play. Not all trainers will approach fitness from the exact same stand point. All trainers have similar knowledge, some more in-depth or specialized, but no two trainers are the same.

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