How can establishing family values help me discipline my children?

Lynne Kenney
Your values are your reference for positive behavioral expectations in your family. Your family values reflect the mission you have established. Your values also reinforce your family rules, the second pillar upon your home’s strong foundation.

Once you have identified and confirmed your family values as a whole, then discipline becomes clear, consistent and predictable. You now have specific values you can refer to, which your children will understand and recognize: “We value kindness, so we help our brothers and sisters when they need us.”… “We value respect, so we do as Daddy asks the first time.”

When you have a situation where children do not live by expected family values, rather than moving directly to punishment or confrontation, really knowing what your values are gives you the tools to guide the situation in a better way. Your goal now is to help your children to develop skills and habits that are values-based.

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