Do I have to see my dentist if I am also seeing my orthodontist?

Yes, your primary dentist is still the best caretaker of your overall dental health. Your orthodontist, of course, will monitor your braces and the progress they are making to straighten your teeth or fix your bite, but it's the regular cleanings and dental exams that will keep you mouth healthy for life. Remember: you can still get cavities when you are wearing braces so always remember to brush your teeth for two minutes twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and to floss daily.
Because your orthodontist is not in charge of cleaning your teeth or checking for cavities, tooth decay, gum disease, or managing tooth aches, you still need to see your dentist twice a year at least. Orthodontists and dentists specialize in different things. You need to see both to take care of your teeth.

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