Are there any jobs I can't be hired for if I have diabetes?

Blanket bans -- laws, regulations, or policies that restrict a person from employment simply because of a disability -- are illegal and medically inappropriate because they do not take into consideration the individual's qualifications and abilities.

Thanks to advances in law and medicine, there are no longer many jobs that are off-limits to people with diabetes. Commercial drivers who treat their diabetes with insulin are now able to obtain Department of Transportation medical certification through a diabetes exemption program. Fire fighters, police officers, and other law enforcement personnel now have the benefit of guidelines developed by diabetes health care professionals that assess whether the person is able to do the job, rather than automatically disqualify the person on the basis of a diabetes diagnosis.

In addition to these advances, individuals with diabetes have broken down barriers to employment as police officers and cadets, IRS agents, mechanics, court security officers, FBI Special Agents, and plant workers.

There are still some jobs that are restricted, usually because of insulin use. Pilots with insulin-treated diabetes may obtain FAA third class airman medical certification, but may not obtain first class certification, which allows the pilot to operate large commercial planes. Most branches of the military still restrict enlistment for individuals with diabetes. In some limited situations, individuals with diabetes who are diagnosed after enlisting are able to remain in the service, usually depending on the individual's job and diabetes management.

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