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Can a stent move around once it has been put in an artery?

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    New stent patients may have concerns about stent implantation. This is only natural. It is scary to find out that one or more arteries have blockages, and it is normal to want to know as much as possible about a device that will be put in your body. One concern shared by many patients is if the stent will be able to move around in the arteries once it has been inserted. In short, the answer is no.

    Once a stent is opened in an artery, the tissue cells of the artery wall begin to grow over the stent. The stent becomes a part of the artery wall and cannot move. Patients sometimes ask whether serious jolts such as one sustained in a car accident could dislodge the stent and cause it to travel in the artery. Because the stent is embedded in the artery wall, it will remain in place even during any severe jolts.

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