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Gyms/Health Clubs

Gyms/Health Clubs
Gyms offer access to equipment, exercise classes and personal trainers. Exercising at a gym offers benefits such as scheduled exercise classes, which help establish a routine. Also, exercising along with other people is a good motivator in meeting fitness goals.

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    A gym environment should be comfortable, motivating, and nonjudgmental. Many gyms offer trial memberships that can serve as a beneficial tool to get a sense of the gym environment. Many gyms pick a specific type of client they cater to such as bodybuilders, families, or athletes. The gym you ultimately pick should feel like a safe haven and give you the feeling of belonging to a larger community. Just remember, not all gyms are created equal!
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    Dr. Larry Hamm, a cardiac rehabilitation specialist at George Washington University, warns, “Most of the fitness clubs, not all, but most clubs hire personal trainers who are only minimally qualified without requiring any kind of college degree or a degree in exercise science or exercise physiology.”

    One quality check is to ask if this facility belongs to a professional fitness association, such as IDEA ( or IHRSA ( Make sure the staff’s personal certifications are from an accredited organization.

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    The simplest answer is NO, you don't NEED a gym membership. The only thing you need to have a successful healthy lifestyle is consistency. Your workouts should occur where you are motivated to consistently workout in a safe and effective manner. The "where" is not important as the "how often."

    Some thoughts for you to consider...

    1. Your home will be a perfect workout space, if you are self motivated, want to economize time, and have a area (basement/garage) at home to provide safe, effective and fun workouts that you do on a regular basis. For an small initial investment, you can supply your home gym with ample workout equipment that will surely deliver results if you are consistent with you workouts. Ask an NASM personal trainer here on Sharecare to assist you with your purchases and putting together a safe and effective workout regime.

    2. If you find motivation from being around other like minded healthy people then having a gym membership can be a good solution. Especially if you want the variety of having machines, weights and maybe even some classes to participate in. Caution: don't get caught in all the hoopla of the amenities a gym has to offer. Focus on what will bring you to your health and fitness goals, everything else is just extras that are there to lure people into join the healthclub.

    3. Get outside. A change of scenery and activity will always stimulate a workout program. Get out of the home or gym and go run or walk on the boardwalk, do some interval training in the park, go shoot some hoops, whatever makes you motivates you to move is going to make you a happier, healthier person.

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    A Internal Medicine, answered on behalf of

    No. Working out at a gym is simply one way to make exercise more accessible to you. It is very possible to lose weight by exercising outside of gym. Weight loss is the result of “burning” or expending more calories than you consume through food and beverages. This creates a caloric deficit which leads to weight loss. You can increase your caloric burn or expenditure by doing any kind of physical activity that you enjoy. For example, walking, jogging, hiking, dancing, and even strength training with free weights or resistance bands at home will promote weight loss. Although you can do any or all of these activities at a gym, you can also do them at home, outside, or even when traveling, provided that you have the correct equipment.

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    Before you start looking for a gym, sit down and write a list of the most important qualities in a gym for your particular needs. Once you've done so you'll know what to ask for and request when you meet with the sales team.

    Lifestyle questions:

    • What time of day will I work out? - The gym needs to be open during the hours you are available.
    • Will I shower and dress there? - You'll want ample lockers and clean working showers, counters and well lit mirrors with outlets for hair dryers etc.
    • Will I work out around my work schedule? - You'll want your gym within walking distance to your job so you can go before and after work, or during lunch breaks.
    • Do I need childcare? - You'll want to be comfortable with the daycare facility and the caregivers, and so will your child.
    • Is my gym simply to work out, or do I want a spa and retreat? - If you just want to work out, you don't want to be paying for fancy facilities, but if the gym is where you pamper yourself, you'll want a good steam and sauna room.
    • Do I want a restaurant or business center? - If you want a place to meet clients or to work on your computer, this will be important to you.
    • Is it a franchise? Can I go to other facilities while traveling?
    • There are many gyms and fitness centers that are affiliated with hotel chains. Finding one that has facilities where you frequently travel can be instrumental in making sure that you stay consistent with your workout, even while on the go.

    Workout questions:

    • What kinds of workouts do I plan to do? - This will clarify how elaborate, or simple, a gym you need.
    • Will my workout be machine dependent? - You will want new functioning machines and enough of them that during the busiest hours you won't be waiting for equipment.
    • Will I be more likely to attend group classes? - If group classes are your thing, you'll want to make sure that there are plenty of classes available at the times you'll attend, and that the teachers are well respected with a good reputation.
    • Do I need a personal trainer? - If so, you'll want to make sure that your gym is fully staffed with certified personal trainers who have reputable certifications like NASM.
    • Do I want to swim? - You'll want a pool that is a comfortable temperature, clean and large enough to accommodate multiple swimmers during the busiest hours.

    Answering these questions will help you clarify your most important needs. Now you're ready to factor in cost. While there are many good deals, it's only a good deal if it meets your needs.

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    When touring the facility, be sure to ask, “What are the terms of the contract?” Don’t get roped into an extended contract, especially if you aren’t sure how committed you are at this point. There shouldn’t be any pressure to sign anything, especially a long-term agreement. Ask if you can try the gym or club for a couple of weeks or start with a month to- month membership.

    Other good follow-up questions include, “Are there any services, classes, or amenities that cost extra?” “Will the club offer a trial membership or waive the initiation fee?” “What is your cancellation policy (and any penalties)?”

    Price depends on geographic location and how nice the facility is. Decide on your price range ahead of time. Most facilities charge between $30 and $50 or more per month.

    Assess later if this facility seemed more service oriented or sales oriented. International award-winning master personal trainer and the CEO of Catalyst Fitness in Atlanta Bill Sonnemaker, MS, explains, “The staff should encourage you to use the facility, not just belong.”
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    Its important to choose a gym/fitness club that is convient to you. If you choose a gym that takes a half an hour to get to and is on the other side of town, chances are you will not be consistant with going.  It becomes an easier excuse to say your too tired or other things get in the way instead of going to the gym to get your fitness in your day. Choose a gym that is closer to your home or work so that it would be easy to incorporate fitness into your everyday lifestyle.

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    Determine whether the club matches up with your specific preferences. Beyond that, look for a studio that has convenient locations and a very interactive staff. Ensure that the personal trainers are certified by a nationally accredited institution and that the studio carries liability insurance. This way, you can feel confident that the staff is knowledgeable and will safely lead you to your health and fitness goals.

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    Not necessarily. A health club that is perfect for one person might be abhorrent to another. You should join the health club that best suits your needs based on hours of operation, location convenience, and the culture that you experience when you first walk in. All of these things should outweigh how big the gym is or how many amenities it has.

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    As a health-club member, a person demonstrates a commitment to improving his quality of life. Whether he knows it or not, he is a role model for family and friends. Studies have shown that a person’s social circle has a significant impact on acceptable behavior. If those one interacts with regularly are sedentary and make poor nutrition choices, one is more likely to do the same. Conversely, by taking care of one's health, a person similarly influences those he cares most about.