What questions should I ask my doctor about genital herpes?

Review the following questions about herpes so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your healthcare professional.
  • How, what and when should I tell my partner about my infection?
  • Does my partner need to be tested?
  • Does having genital herpes mean I can't or shouldn't get pregnant?
  • How will I be monitored for outbreaks once I am pregnant?
  • Do I have to be careful about passing the virus to my children through casual contact?
  • How can I predict when I'm going to have another outbreak?
  • When am I at greatest risk for transmitting the virus to my partner?
  • Is there a cure for herpes? How can drug treatments help me?
  • How do I decide whether I need drugs to control recurrences?
  • How do I choose among the drugs available for treating herpes and preventing recurrences?
  • What can I do to make herpes outbreaks less painful?
  • Are there any support groups for people with herpes?
  • Where can I find someone to talk to who understands how I'm feeling?

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