What is the goal of preseason cardio training for football?

The goal of pre-season cardiovascular training for football is to build a good aerobic base. For some football players, it might also mean weight management.  To start the process for both building a base and weight loss, you need to build up your work capacity. This is done by doing low-intensity work on cardio equipment to reduce the pounding on the joints. Pre-season training is meant to prepare you for the season, so there is a fine line between preparing for the season and setting yourself up for burnout in the middle of the season. Building the work capacity slowly is a safe way to ensure you are peaking at the right time during the season.  Once  you can handle at least 30 minutes of low-intensity training, then you can increase your aerobic base by pushing your anaerobic threshold higher. Football is made up of a series of anaerobic plays, so strengthening the anaerobic system is every important. By the end of the pre-season, you should be doing quite a bit of anaerobic training in the same work to rest ration that your position in football demands.

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