Should I stretch before or after my warm-up?

Do some foam rolling and static stretching prior to a warm-up. Foam rolling will help release knots that have formed in your muscles; it is like a self-massage. Static stretching will help to loosen up tight muscles. 
Once you are done with your work out, it is a good time to do some deeper stretches.
When your muscles are warm and have maximal amounts of blood flowing to them, is a good time to stretch them. Muscles are more pliable when they are warm.

Stretching prior to your cardiorespiratory warm-up is recommended especially if most of your day is spent in a seated position. Based on your daily activities and movement patterns, certain muscles can become tight and will benefit from being stretched prior to your workout. By incorporating static stretches (stretches you hold for 30 seconds), you will not only feel more "loose" during your warm-up, but also help reduce the rate of injury and muscular breakdown.

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