Why should I write down my fitness goals?

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
It's important to write down your fitness goals. In this video, I will say that one of the benefits of written goals is that they're a constant reminder to stick to your plan.
Writing down your goals is as important as following your training plan. After all your goals are the reason for the plan in the first place- right? Without well thought out goals how can you evaluate whether or not you had a successful season. Spend some time really thinking and mapping out your next season- the time spent now will be well worth it come next year when you take stock in all you have achieved this year! Remember though, goals are more than outcomes. Goals require action and integration. Who do you need to be in order to achieve your goals? What traits do you want to display as an athlete? What characteristics do you need to succeed? Break down each goal into manageable bites so that each and every day you feel as though you are taking steps to reaching your goals. As Anthony Robbins says: “Goals are a means to an end, not the ultimate purpose of our lives. They are simply a tool to concentrate our focus and move us in a direction. The only reason we pursue goals is to cause ourselves to expand and grow. Achieving goals by themselves will never make us happy in the long term, it’s who you become, as you overcome the obstacles necessary to achieve your goals, that can give you the deepest and most long-lasting sense of fulfillment.”
Writing down your goals establishes a very important component of human behavior- commitment. When you write down your goals, you are realizing your thoughts or visions, thereby bringing them into reality. This means they become something of more substance and they are inexistence- in so many words, it makes it harder for them to disappear. Furthermore, the simple act of your hand scribing the goals on paper initiates a feeling of ownership on your end. Now, not only have your goals become real, but you also own them because you wrote them by your hand. Both of these things increase commitment levels, which are the biggest reasons why people do not accomplish their fitness goals- they lack the commitment necessary to see themselves all of the way through to the end result.

In order to further enhance your commitment to your goals, you should use language that expresses commitment such as, “I will” and “I am committed to”. You can also increase your chances of success by attaching a timeline to your goals like, “I will lose 10 pounds in six weeks”. This creates a very clear and concise message about what you are going to accomplish and does so in a language that conveys conviction and commitment.

Brian Tracy is the author of a very powerful book called Goals! I suggest you read it. In it he states, "any goal not written down is just a wish."  How many times have you said you were going to lose a certain amount of weight? Just stated it, without writing it down, formulating a plan, or periodically measuring your progress. Well if you never have written it down you also probably did not reach the goal and you are not alone. The majority of us will never reach a goal unless it is written down in the present and personal tense with a timestamp on it.

For example here is one way to write a goal down, "I will lose 20lbs and weigh XXX on the Friday of Memorial Day Weekend."

Please consider the following when deciding on a goal.

1. Make sure it is a realisitic and motivating.

2. Make sure you have a safe, effective but flexible plan to achieve it.

3. Periodically measure your results along the way. I suggest 2x weekly.

4. If there are setbacks, accept them and move beyond them. Use a minor setback as an opportunity to leap foward.

5. Frequently review your goal and plan. In the face of new information, is the goal realisitic? To simplistic? If so, rewrite your updated your goal and plan. then continue on to success.


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