Why should fitness goals be measurable?

Often quoted in business is the phrase "what gets measured gets done." This simply means that your fitness goals need to be quantifiable. For example, a general goal would be to lose weight in four weeks; a measurable goal would be to lose eight pounds in four weeks. A measurable goal allows you to carefully track your progress each week by breaking your goal down; for example, creating four small victories of losing two pounds each week, and measuring your progress as you go. When you can create small victories for yourself, you avoid the risk of letting small setbacks turn into larger ones.

In many areas of healthcare, we set goals. These goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and include a time frame. By setting measurable goals, a person will be able to determine whether their efforts are working. Let's say a person sets a goal to "exercise more." It would be much easier to determine if this goal is being met if the person sets a measurable goal. An example would be, "I will exercise for 30 minutes, 3 days each week." After the first week, it would be easy to know whether this goal was met. 

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Measurable goals play a key role in your fitness routine. In this video, I will talk about how to measure your progress toward your fitness goals.

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