Should I weigh myself regularly if I want to get in shape?

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
I am not a big fan of the scale. As a matter of fact, I think the scale is the Devil. It tells you nothing but lies and always leave you feeling bad about yourself. Scales also remind me of a bad friend who pretends to be there for you but always seem to let you down. The best way to judge your results is by the way your clothing fits you and, of course, how you feel about yourself. Ditch that scale and focus on the inches rather than the weight. If you really have to weigh yourself, do it just once per month.
When you want to get in shape, body image is not a numbers game. You've probably heard this before: Don't pay attention to the scale. Unless you're a prizefighter or a college wrestler, what you weigh isn't important. It certainly isn't anything to agonize over. If you're training hard, eating well, and gaining muscle in the gym, your weight may not be a reliable indicator of how you actually look.

Simply take stock of yourself in a mirror and the way your clothes fit as a way to gauge your progress. Nobody knows how much you weigh and nobody cares. Don't create a problem that doesn't exist.

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