How can I stick to my fitness and diet goals?

You can stick to your fitness and diet goals by making changes that are sustainable for YOU, and asking yourself if the changes are sustainable short term, or long term. This way, you are setting realistic expectations for yourself and staying completely aware that in order for you to stick with new healthy lifestyle changes long term, they have to be realistic for YOU.

It is also helpful to have a support system of likeminded others to connect with during adversity when old unhealthy habits want to come around, and stay around too long. 

Be kind to yourself through the process and know that every day is not going to feel like your best day! This is a life journey. There will be ups and downs. The important thing to remember is that you are now on the path to making your health a priority.  If you miss an exercise or make an unhealthy meal choice, don't allow yourself to feel discouraged or feel you have failed. Instead, know that with each next decision and action you make, you have the power to make healthy change.  Mindset is a very important part of sticking to our fitness and diet goals.
Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
Sticking to your fitness and diet goals can be so challenging. In this video, I have some tips on how to stick to those goals you've set.

Here are some tips for sticking to your fitness goals:

  • Be consistent: Make it your daily goal to break a sweat or get out of breath. Sit down each week and schedule what meals you will eat and what days you will train. If you are working out early in the morning, get going by sleeping in your workout clothes or packing them the night before. This leaves you no excuses not to get out of bed in the morning. If you are training after work, have a small snack on the way to the gym to power your workout.
  • Create your fit network: Hang around and be social with like-minded, fit people. This will help keep you motivated by hearing what others are eating, exercising, and feeling. They will hold you accountable for your actions, and you may have to rely on their belief in you before your belief in yourself kicks in.
  • Reward yourself: After you lose the first 10 pounds or increase you bench or squat by 20 pounds, treat yourself to a night out or buy that shirt you wanted. Setting short-term goals and rewarding yourself when you achieve them will carry over into weeks, months, and years.
  • Keep your workouts fresh: Keeping your workouts challenging yet attainable and fun will prevent you from falling into a workout rut. Change things up by trying yoga or interval training, increasing your weights, swimming or biking, or adding plyometrics into your training routine. Play a game of basketball or tennis. Get away from the traditional Monday = bench, Tuesday = back workout, etc. Get creative and watch how much more energy you have.

Make your fitness or diet goal public. One dedicated woman posted, "Am trying a day without chocolate," on her Facebook page. She got so many comments from friends, she was still resisting her craving a week later. Whether you tell a lot of people, or a few, making your goal public is a powerful way to motivate yourself.

Tell someone (anyone) your goal. You don’t have to tweet it to the world. Just mention your goal in a casual conversation. While setting the goal is most important, saying it out loud is almost as critical. In one study, people who shared their goal to walk 10,000 steps walked one extra mile, about 2,000 extra steps, a day.

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