How do I know when I've reached my exercise goals?

There are many ways to know when you've reached your fitness goals. If you wrote goals on a piece of paper and you've met those goals, then you've probably reached them. At some point, fitness goals aren't about reaching goals written on a sheet of paper. It's about feeling better, looking better and being healthy. Can I climb more stairs than I did before? Can I walk further than I did before? Am I out of breath less often? Did I make it to the gym?

If your periodic measurements "today"(weight, circumference) match the goals you initially wrote down sometime ago then congratulations you are a success!

Now that you are successful, this is a great time to start a new round of more specific and challenging goals. When setting fitness goals make sure you include goals that are more than just aesthetic challenges, like losing weight and toning up. While losing weight and toning up will have a major positive impact on your overall health it is important to include the following too...

  • Add new cardiovascular challenges: perhaps completing a run in a certain time or a challenging hike or bike ride
  • Add a flexibility/core challenge: perhaps completing an appropriately challenging yoga class
  • A great report from your doctor: lower cholesterol and lower resting heart rate
  • Look for ways to reduce your stress: yoga, meditation or simply challenging yourself to find ways to eliminate stressors in your life

The key word here is to keep challenging yourself. Once you reach a goal, celebrate your victory, but for the sake of your health, fitness, and wellbeing keep challenging yourself with new goals.

"Each victory is only a prelude to another." Dr. Carl Sagan


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