What are the benefits of working in the fitness industry?

Employment in the fitness industry can offer many benefits:
  • Environment: The atmosphere at most fitness clubs can be described as casual, energetic, friendly, positive and health­conscious.
  • Variety: Single­sex, corporate, family­friendly, adults­only -- whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a club for you.
  • Schedule flexibility: Most clubs are open seven days a week, so there are positions for early birds, night owls, weekend warriors and everyone in between.
  • Location: There are probably several clubs within a short commute from your home.
  • Try before you commit: Part­time or independent contractor positions allow you to get your feet wet in the fitness industry, even if you work full­time elsewhere.
  • Opportunities for advancement: Many club executives got their start as personal trainers, group instructors or front desk personnel. As the industry continues to mature, professional opportunities abound.
  • Compensation: Many positions are commission­based; even instructors are sometimes paid based on club attendance. In short, great performances often result in higher compensation.
  • Other benefits can include free memberships, discounts on amenities and free babysitting for your kids. In addition, many clubs offer traditional employee benefits including health insurance (71% of clubs), matching 401(k) contributions (64% of clubs), retirement plans (76% of clubs), educational assistance (65% of clubs), life insurance (38% of clubs) and Section 125 plans (64% of clubs).

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