What are some reasons people don't exercise?

There are many reasons people don't exercise. Time is one of the biggest reasons people don't exercise. The second and third reasons are not having support, and lack of options. Some other reasons include: lack of knowledge, discomfort, lack of facilities or equipment and cost.
Darren Treasure, PhD
Sports Medicine

Typical reasons people don't exercise include no time, too tired, unpleasantness or fear of physical exertion, bad weather, no child care, and an unsafe environment.  These reasons, real and perceived, are often powerful barriers that need to be overcome if someone is to become active or to remain active during the early stages of behavior change. 

Finding the right motivation to bring about healthy change involves implementing strategies to overcome your barriers to exercise.

There are a lot of internal (lack of motivation, fatigue, etc.) and external factors (lack of time, workout equipment, etc.) which become reasons for people to not exercise.  However, at the core is whether people really see the value of exercise and are willing to make it a high priority in their life.  When my clients truly understand how exercise improves how they feel physically and mentally, they are willing to make it fit into their busy schedules.  Parenthood, can be an extremely challenging time for people to maintain their exercise programs when a great deal of their lives is now devoted to their children.  When parents understand the great importance of exercise for themselves and the health of their entire family, they are willing to schedule the time for it or even incorporate their children into their workouts.
Hate to be hardcore here but the biggest reason why people don't exercise is the person themselves.

We could pick many things in our lives that we may want to change but we never do it.  Fear is a major contributing factor but if we come to the realization that we fail and we need help then in my opinion it is the first step.

A fitness professional can help bring a clear vision to someone, they can also map out a strategy and help them persevere, believe and learn about fitness and themselves.  No one should ever be too hard and think it is hopeless, a person should simply realize that excuses are common and flowing and that they need help.  Once they realize that the chances of succeeding goes way up! 

I feel this way because I firmly believe that all people have been created to succeed and it is our choice. 

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