How can I stay fit and active if I have young children?

Mr. Donovan Green
Athletic Training
You can stay fit and active even if you have young children. In this video, I will describe fun ways to use your own kids' activity to stay fit.
Staying fit when you have a young child may seem to be a challenge. However, it’s very possible to do! For instance, with an infant, you can get your cardiorespiratory training in by using a stroller that is made for running! Your little one will get to be outside, and you will get to work up some sweat. For resistance training, you can use your infant as resistance for a chest press, or have them lay on their back while you lower yourself towards them. Doing this turns your exercise into a game for them.
Sari Greaves
Nutrition & Dietetics
A study in "Pediatrics" indicates that young women with young children have higher Body Mass Indices (BMIs) and consume a higher-fat diet than women in the same age group without children. But you can win the battle of the post-baby bulge -- and set a good example for your youngsters -- by staying active with your kids through all the stages of their lives. Here are some ideas:
  • When your child is 0-12 months: Bring your baby to a workout class indoors or out, with nationwide StrollerFit boot camp classes.
  • When your child is 1-3 years: Stay fit on the run. Use a baby jogger to get in great shape while the kids nap, snack or just enjoy the ride outdoors.
  • When your child is 4-6 years: Enroll yourself and kids in dance, martial arts or gymnastics classes. Consult your local dance studios or gyms to see if they offer parent and kid programs.
  • When your child is 7 years and up: Gather some like-minded parents and their little ones for a non-competitive game of soccer, volleyball or tag.

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