How much exercise should a teen get to stay healthy?

It is very important that youths stay active through their formative years. Today, one in three teens is overweight or obese, for a variety of reasons. Some reasons include improved technologies and lack of exercise. With constantly improving technology, more youths are opting to stay inside versus getting out and being active. The CDC recommends that youths perform aerobic exercise on a daily basis for 60 minutes. Strengthening exercise or sports should be performed at least 3 days per week for 60 minutes.

Daily activity is always a good thing but sometimes the reality of a teen's schedule makes it hard.  Ideally, 30-45 minutes a day of some type of activity.  If your teen is not currently active encourage them to participate in an activity at school or outside of school that they love.  Something as simple as a daily walk around the neighborhood with iPod in tow is a good start.  Walk with your teen at first to show your support.  Remember, what your teen eats is just as important and as a parent, you can help by purchasing healthful foods.

Dr. Lydie Hazan recommends that teens get at least 30 minutes of enjoyable, outdoor exercise, five days a week. Watch this video from Discovery Health.

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