What exercise will slim my inner thighs?

A 50-min routine that combines cardio and weight training is an excellent way to get slimmer thighs because it burns a lot of calories a.k.a fat. Exercise that isolates the thighs like the inner and outer thigh machines you find in most gyms will tone the muscles under the fat. There are lots of frustrated women in this country with toned thigh muscles buried under fat. If You want slimmer thighs you have to burn the fat that covers the toned muscle!

Unfortunately, you cannot choose the area to get rid of fat first with exercise. However, reducing calories and exercising you will reduce fat overall in your body, and eventually your inner thighs. In the mean time, you can strengthen and tone the muscle hiding beneath that fat with a few simple exercises! Here is one exercise:

-Lunges are a great way to work the inner thighs. You can do them forward or sideways, with or without weights. Make sure you keep your knee over your ankle while performing lunges! Start out by standing with knees facing forward, shoulder width apart, head and chest up, and belly button pulled in.  Step out to the front or side with one foot, as far as possible without compromising form, keeping the other leg straight with the foot flat on the ground. Push off bent leg and return to start. Repeat with other leg. Perform about 10-15 on each leg.

Don’t neglect the rest of your leg muscles either while trying to slim your inner thighs, that could led to an unstable knee and ultimately an injury.

Performing exercises specific to an area or body part that your want to reduce fat from will not result in body fat reduction from that corresponding area. This means that if you perform inner thigh exercises, such as those seen in pieces of equipment or leg lifts, you will not necessarily be making your thighs get smaller. In essence, if you are consuming less calories than you are burning, then your body will automatically go after stored body fat for fuel. Unfortunately, the location of the body fat reduction is predetermined by genetics, rather than the location of your body specific training. Performing resistance training will help with your overall body fat reduction because it allows you to burn more calories, so incorporating exercises that burn more calories per training session will help you more than performing isolated inner thigh exercises.

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