Is integrated training beneficial for weight loss?

Yes. Integrated training is very beneficial for weight loss because it incorporates a variety of different types of exercise into a single program. This prevents the body from adapting or getting accustomed to only one type of exercise resulting in greater calorie burning.

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Can moderate exercise help me lose weight?
Ms. Ashley Koff, RDMs. Ashley Koff, RD
It's been shown that moderate exercise at least five days a week for 30 minutes a pop will not resul...
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Is the Gruve weight loss device waterproof for pool exercise?
Jeff Croswell , NASM Elite TrainerJeff Croswell , NASM Elite Trainer
As a trainer for Anytime Fitness I know you can not put the gruve in water. However it is not one of...
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Is strength training or cardio training more effective for weight loss?
Ryan Pye , NASM Elite TrainerRyan Pye , NASM Elite Trainer
I find that they have a symbiotic relationship. While the cardio will provide more proximal results ...
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How Important Is Exercise to a Weight Loss Program?
How Important Is Exercise to a Weight Loss Program?

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