Exercise For Weight Loss

What exercise should I do every day?

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    1. WALK: Walk 30 minutes. No matter what. No excuses. It doesn't matter if you do it in either one whole block, or broken up into as many as three shorter sessions.
    2. STRETCH: Once your body is warm (after walking, for instance), perform some good stretches for 5 minutes to help elongate your muscles.
  • What exercise do you like? It’s no fun answering a question with a question, but anything that keeps your interest and gets your body moving with a heart rate at 65-75 % of your max heart rate for 30 mins. is the perfect exercise to get you started each day. Max heart rate = 220- your age. When you enjoy exercise there is a greater chance you will participate in the activity each day!

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    If I had to choose one exercise to do every day for the a lengthened period of time I would choose walking. It will get your heart rate up, allow you to increase your caloric burn rate and depending on your intensity improve your cardiovascular fitness. Walking is also safe to do every day for an extended period of time. Walking outside on harder surfaces can also be good for bone density. Take a walk and have a great day. 

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  • Your routine should be well rounded and include flexibility, cardiorespiratory, and resistance training. Doing just one exercise daily will yield minimal health benefits, and  show very limited results.

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