How do I count calories burned with movement such as house work?


There are ways to estimate the calories burned during chores like house work. One of the simplest ways is to wear a pedometer which will calculate how many steps you take during the day. For an average person, every 2,000 steps equal one mile walked. For every mile, a person walks, they will burn extra 100 calories. By wearing a pedometer and keeping track of how many steps you take while doing chores you will have an accurate idea of how many calories you burned during that time. Another effective option is buying an accelerometer like the exerspy or body bug. These are worn on the arm and will calculate all the calories you burn throughout the day and can be broken down by the hour to see how many calories you burned each hour.  Both methods will give you an accurate measure of calories burned.  

I really like Todd's answer about not getting caught up in trying to figure out how many calories you have burned, however, I know a lot of members at the gym really like to keep track. The amount of calories one burns doing a particular activity is unique to each person. It really depends upon the intensity level in which you are working, your percentage of lean muscle mass and how long you perform the activity.

There are many activity trackers available that you wear throughout the day. Most of them come with a subscription to a website required. I provide virtual training, and the website my clients subscribe to offers the capability to upload data from the exerspy. The exerspy monitors your activity level, number of steps taken, sleep patterns and caloric burn. It is important to be aware of your activity level, you just don't want to become overly obsessed with counting the numbers. As long as you are active daily and consume fewer calories than you burn, you will reach your goals. The more active you are, the faster you reach that goal. 


Moving is moving. Don't get caught up in trying to figure out how many calories you burned...just know that the more you move, the more likely you are to reach your goal sooner than later. Keep moving!

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