Is there a way that I can do resistance training to increase my cardio?

The best way to incorporate and increase cardio strength during resistant training is utilize a heart rate monitor during workouts preferably with chest strap in addition to make sure you are training in the right heart rate zones to increase the body’s demand on the heart and lungs.

One formula that is used to determine heart rate zone would be: 220 - Age = your maximum heart rate.

There are 3 heart rate zones and are based on a specific formula and physical limitations you should be training in Zone 1 and 2 for beginners and Zone 2 and 3 for intermediate and advanced clients.

By incorporating this strategy in addition to the resistance training you does this will help increase your cardio respiratory strength.

Circuit training is a type of resistance training that also has cardiovascular benefits. Circuit training involves performing resistance training exercises in rapid succession, one right after another, with little to rest. Because you do not rest during this type of activity, you are consistently putting stress on the cardiorespiratory system. This type of training, then allows you to gain the rewards from resistance training and cardiovascular training simultaneously. An example of Circuit training would involve the following exercises completed immediately after one another: push ups, single leg squat, standing cable row, and lunge to overhead press. After completing one set of each of these exercises, you would then start again, completing your second set of exercises. Without resting, continue this pattern until you have completed all of the sets you had planned on performing.

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