How can exercising during my pregnancy benefit my baby?

Babies born to moms who exercise during pregnancy are more likely to be active themselves. Moms who want to give their newborns a running start in life should keep their gym memberships active well into their pregnancy. A study found that children born to mothers who exercised during pregnancy are much more likely to stay active long after leaving the womb. While the study was with mice, the researchers note that their results dovetail with other studies that have found similar results.

The offspring of active moms were 50% more likely to exercise than those born from sedentary mothers. The controls in the mice study make these results more applicable to human subjects. The researchers studied genetically identical mice and carefully controlled the amount of physical activity of the mothers before pregnancy.

The bottom line is, if you’re pregnant, speak to your doctor about engaging in an appropriate exercise routine. You just may be giving your baby a valuable life advantage.

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