How is upper body strength measured?

The most common method for testing upper body strength is to estimate one-rep maximum on the bench press.

  • For safety purposes, this test always requires a spotter. Additionally, good form should be utilized throughout the test: feet straight ahead, low back neutral, hips remain in contact with the bench.
  • Start out by doing 8-10 repetitions with a light weight that can easily be performed independently.
  • Rest for one minute and then add 10-20 pounds and lift three to five times.
  • Rest for two minutes and then add 10-20 pounds more and lift again for 3-5 repetitions. Continue this step until you reach a weight that you cannot lift five times with proper form.
  • Use a “one-rep max estimation chart” to calculate your 1 RM, based on the amount of weight and number of times lifted.

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