How does talking help determine the intensity of exercise?

Joan Pagano
The "talk test" is a timeless and easy way to guage the intensity of cardio exercise, based on your use of oxygen. You should be able to talk, but not sing during your workout. If you can't talk, you are working too hard to catch your breath - and this is not sustainable for more that a couple of minutes. However, if you can sing, you are not working hard enough, having plenty of breath to belt out a tune!
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The talk test is a great way to gage your intensity. If you are able to complete sentences while exercising then you intense is at a moderate level. If speaking is a challenge then your exercise is intense. Simple! Be sure to use this method, especially if you have any sort of health issue. If a health issue is present then be sure you are always able to talk while exercising to stay within a safe working zone.

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