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What are serving sizes for potatoes?

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    The serving size of a potato is different for the general public versus some who has diabetes. Potatoes are considered a starchy vegetable thus containing a higher amount of carbohydrate per ounce than a non-starchy vegetable like green beans. According to the USDA Dietary Guidelines and MyPlate a serving of potato is 1 cup diced, mashed or baked or 1 medium boiled potato. For an individual with diabetes, a serving of carbohydrate (15 grams) is equivalent to a small potato or a 3 ounce serving.

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    One serving of baked potato (white or sweet), is the size of a computer mouse, while a serving of mashed potatoes is ½ cup. One serving of French fries is two to three ounces (in restaurants, that’s roughly the size of a “small” bag). And guess what? Those amounts take up a quarter of your plate.
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