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What menu considerations when eating at ethnic restaurants?

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  • When eating at ethnic restaurants, try these menu options:
    • At Oriental restaurants, order a stir-fried chicken or fish and vegetable dish without soy sauce, MSG, salt, and high sodium sauces. A steamed or broiled or boiled main dish is an even better choice. Instead of fried rice, ask for steamed rice.
    • At Italian restaurants, choose red marinara sauces (made with fresh tomatoes or no salt added canned tomatoes) over white, creamy ones. Try a fish dish or meatless pasta instead of entrées made with sausage or meatballs. Eat plain Italian bread instead of buttery garlic bread.  Skip the grated Parmesan cheese.
    • At Mexican restaurants, enjoy fresh, no salt added salsa or picante sauce, but limit guacamole, and ask for fat-free or low fat sour cream. Opt for soft corn tortillas over flour ones, and avoid refried beans and cheese. Try salads instead of fried foods, and look for fresh seafood on the menu.
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