Is it possible to swallow your dentures?

It is possible to swallow a denture, but not very likely. Due to the size of a full denture (one that replaces all of the teeth), swallowing it is extremely rare. A partial denture (one that only replaces some of the teeth), especially the smaller partial denture called a nesbit, is more likely to be inadvertently swallowed, but this too is rare. To prevent the possibility of swallowing a denture, make sure you do not sleep with your denture in your mouth and also make sure they are well-fitting.
Peggy Rosen
The only time you can swallow the denture is when you break the denture, which is made of acrylic, into small pieces or the artificial tooth breaks or gets chipped. The size of the denture makes it too difficult to swallow as a whole. 
It may be possible to swallow certain types of dentures, but it usually doesn't happen on a regular basis. Because complete dentures cover the entire jaw, they're often too large to swallow. They may slip or move while eating or talking, but they are not usually swallowed during daily activity. Usually, dentures are only swallowed if people wear them while they sleep or if the dentures don't fit properly. Some types of partial dentures may be small enough to be swallowed, but they're generally attached too securely to be swallowed by accident. Again, this usually happens only if the denture is damaged or ill-fitting. Nesbit dentures, a type of small denture that's used to replace one or two back teeth, are more likely than others to be swallowed, so dentists recommend other types of dentures instead.

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