What questions should I ask my doctor about medications for dementia?

Sarah N. Mourra, MD
There are some important questions to ask the doctor if you are caring for a person with dementia. Doctors are open to questions because a lot of times they are possibly not looking at the entire picture or the appointment is rushed. Having the caregiver as an active participant is very important to help the doctor collect all the information in order to make a decision that’s going to be a healthy one for the person. Here are some questions you could ask:
  • Is this medication really needed?
  • Is this medication the most appropriate for the medical condition being treated?
  • Will the medication be a problem for other medical conditions that are occurring at the same time?
  • Is the medication being prescribed at the right dose?
  • Does the medication interact with other medications?
Getting answers from the doctor during the visit can help you be aware of what a medication can potentially do and the way that it interacts in an older individual with dementia who has multiple medical problems and is taking multiple other medications.

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