High cholesterol

What is cholesterol? Are high cholesterol levels always bad? Get the facts about how to lower cholesterol, as well as info about LDL vs. HDL cholesterol.


If you're like most people, when you hear the word cholesterol, the next thought that pops in your head may be heart attack.

The fact is: Everybody has cholesterol in their bodies. But when does cholesterol become a health issue?

Learn the facts about high cholesterol levels and when too much can increase your risk of heart disease.

Discover the difference between HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and why one is often referred to as "good" for its protective powers, while the other is considered "bad" for its negative effects.

You'll also find out various risk factors and treatments for high cholesterol, as well as healthy foods that may lower your bad cholesterol levels while raising levels of the good kind.

If you don't know your cholesterol levels but suspect you need help managing them, talk with your healthcare provider (HCP) as soon as possible.

High cholesterol causes

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Cholesterol levels can be influenced by many things. Could your genetics play a role? What about diet, weight, exercise, and age? See what the experts have to say and get tips on keeping your cholesterol levels in check, including information on healthy foods that lower cholesterol.

High cholesterol symptoms

If you have high cholesterol, you may never know it unless you get tested. Find out if there are outward signs of high cholesterol and understand the risk factors that may lead to heart attack, stroke, or other complications. Learn why getting screened for high cholesterol may be a good idea.

Cholesterol screening and diagnosis

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How can you tell if you have high cholesterol? Is a blood test required? A urine sample? Is it done as part of an annual physical? See how your cholesterol levels are checked and talk to your HCP about your concerns so you can make informed decisions about your health.

Treatments for high cholesterol

You've been diagnosed with high cholesterol. What now? Find out if your HCP may prescribe medication, supplements, lifestyle changes, or a combination of these approaches to get your numbers into a healthy range. Read about some of the treatments available for those with high cholesterol, and see how your HCP can help.

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