What is the TRX?

Christopher C. Bell, MD
Sports Medicine

TRX is a great, functional home gym apparatus that works with your own bodyweight. It is kind of like an all-in-one gym. All you have to do is attach it to a beam or in a door, and you can do many exercises with it to improve strength and cardiovascular conditioning. There are numerous different exercises that you can find on the TRX website and on Youtube. Plus, there are group TRX classes at some gyms.

TRX is a suspension, body weight training system. It's a great full body resistance workout! One of the things I love most about it is that it's great for ALL fitness levels. Just by adjusting the angle of your body, your stance and position, you alter the level of intensity. It progresses with you. It's perfect for people that travel since you can use the TRX with the door anchor accessory.

I like that the TRX is also being used by physical therapists for rehab with their patients because it can really help increase your range of motion.

Since it's such a portable, light-weight piece of equipment, you can take it with you anywhere you can find a tree, pole or other strong anchor to attach it to. I like to take mine down to the beach and attach it to the railings along the stairs at the boardwalk. Fun and an awesome workout!


TRX is essentially a gym-in-a-bag. It’s an extremely versatile suspension training system designed by Randy Hetrick and his Navy SEAL teammates as a way to workout while deployed in the field. The TRX weighs less than two pounds and can be set up in seconds, literally. All you need is an anchoring point that is located above your head; such as a pull-up bar, doorway or even a tree branch.

The TRX is based on leverage from a single fulcrum point, allowing you to perform hundreds of bodyweight exercises with only minimal adjustments to the handle configuration and strap lengths. The TRX is an excellent fitness tool for beginners and hardcore enthusiasts alike. This is because you are in control of how much of your body weight you’re lifting by varying your body position. For most exercises, the closer your body is to horizontal (and the closer your feet are to being directly underneath the fulcrum point) the more of your body weight you are lifting and the more difficult the exercise. If an exercise is begins to get too difficult, simple adjust your body to a more vertical position (for most exercises).

Not only is the TRX an extremely versatile tool, it also offers you a ton of 'bang for your buck'. What I mean by that is the fact that every single exercise performed on the TRX is going to work a ton of muscle groups at once. For example, in order to properly perform a biceps curl, you are going to have to keep your core, back, shoulders, glutes and quads nice and tight in order to maintain body position. Additionally, you can transition from one exercise to another seamlessly with almost zero down time. The developers behind the TRX also recognized that much of our human movement is dictated by 'anti-rotation' of the core. Everything from running to rowing requires us to keep our core and torso from rotating by engaging our trunk stabilizing muscles. Exercises performed on the TRX inherently require this same biomechanical aspect.

I am a huge advocate of TRX training and use them with every single client I work with. TRX offers you everything you need to build a strong, toned, healthy body. There are no excuses for not having the time or equipment to get in a proper workout. The TRX is so effective that there are training studios that don't have a single other piece of equipment aside from a row of TRX Suspension Trainers.

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The TRX is one of the best ways to train as it is highly functional and removes nearly every excuse out there to not workout! It was designed by a former navy seal and is one of my favorite ways to train. I use it anywhere I go and haven't had a single client not enjoy the TRX training system. I recently worked with my dad who is recovering from a stroke and he loved it! I had him sit in a chair and hold the straps to pull himself up and he was amazed at his strength!! Very rewarding! The TRX is for anyone who wants to make their body their machine to develop balance, core strength, lean muscle, weight loss you name it!  For more information check it out at!!
Mark Levine

The TRX is a Suspension cable system that was designed by a Navy Seal. The TRX uses body weight instead of dumbbells or barbells. By varying the angle of your body, the exercise will become either easier or harder.

Also, if you are familiar with the term "plank position" from Pilates, then you are half way there in understanding the TRX system. No matter what exercise you are doing, whether it's a chest press, row, Single Leg Squat or Atomic Pushups(doing a pushup and then bringing your knees to your chest), you are in the PLANK position. You need to make sure that your back is straight and there is no arching of your back. The main benefit of the TRX is that whatever body part you're working on, you are always working the core.

The TRX is for both athletes and the everyday person. People with arthritis can use the TRX whereas holding weights might be too much for their joints. It also helps the senior crowd and people who are overweight.

Eric Beard
Sports Medicine
TRX is a piece of exercise equipment fashioned from high tensile straps and sturdy handles. TRX stands for Total body Resistance eXercise. It is a highly portable piece of equipment that can be used in gyms, playgrounds, living rooms, strength and conditioning facilities end more. It can target the core, pulling and pushing muscles very well using bodyweight as resistance.  The company uses the tag line "Fitness Anywhere". The TRX was designed by an ex-Navy Seal who fashioned the initial prototype training harness from a few lengths of parachute webbing that was hand-stitched together by boat repair tools. I have a TRX and find it perfect when I travel or need to workout at home. I also use the TRX straps when at my gym. Keep your core engaged and use great form to get the most out of this innovative tool. I see too many people letting their low back arch while using the TRX straps because they are using exercise progressions that are either too advanced or they are unaware of what good form looks like.
TRX was developed by Randy Hetrick a former navy seal.  The TRX suspension trainer is a product that is two straps with handles that you can attach anywhere.  There is a door anchor or you can simply wrap this product around anything like a tree, pole or whatever.  It is a great way to workout without you having to go to the gym.  It has you use your own body weight to workout your whole body.  Plus it is for all fitness levels and you can change the intensity of your workout by adjusting your body.
The TRX originated from the US Navy Seals and was developed by FitnessAnywhere.  It is made of two straps of industrial strength soft nylon webbing.  The system uses bodyweight and gravity to vary the intensity of the workout.  It is a great, portable system that can be used for core, flexibility, and strength training. 
The TRX is a suspension cable system that can be used almost anywhere at anytime. It offers a wide range of exercise selection that can build strength, flexibility, and core stability if used consistently as part of a comprehensive resistance training program.

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