What is the best exercise equipment to train on?

The best exercise equipment to train on will depend on what you are training for. For those that are just trying to achieve general fitness goals or weight loss, using a variety of equipment is best. Using different pieces of equipment will promote muscle strengthening for different body parts while not putting any one muscle group in a over used state. When doing only one mode of cardiovascular exercise, like running, there is a higher potential for putting undo stress on joints or muscles which could lead to injuries. Even someone training for a marathon should do some of their training on a bike or other non-weight bearing piece of equipment. This will help build cardiovascular strength but avoid continued stress on the legs. For athletes training for a sport that requires them to play on a surface such as grass, a court or even ice, they must do a lot of their training on that surface. Cardio equipment can only help them to a certain point. Once they have their cardio base they work on their playing surface. But like runners, they should mix in a few workouts on equipment once in awhile to prevent over use or additional stress to any one muscle group.

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